Monday, February 23, 2009

Travel Jobs, Have Fun With A Travel Job!

The travel business is a great way for people who want to work for themselves to see the world. You can see the world at no cost yourself if you have the right attitude and desire. To find out more information click on this link:

Christie Rose is excited about hiring 30 new agents per month. We have been posting the print ads in newspapers for Christie and you can call 800-537-7256 to find out more information. Will you be one of the next people that Christie hires?

Travel jobs are some of the best ways you can work even in an economic crisis. People enjoy buying things door to door from legitimate companies. In fact, in days gone by this was the only way that people were able to buy things like vacuum cleaners, brushes and other kinds of products they couldn’t find in department stores.

Can you imagine what it would be like to travel to some exotic location absolutely free? With a travel job you can do just that. Imagine helping people to realize their dreams by giving them the opportunity to join a team of people who are having fun and getting to travel all over the world.

As a direct marketing agent you can find different opportunities that will help you gain the money you need for the things that you want.

What Type Of People Make It In Travel Jobs?
Anyone who has been in direct sales before will make a great travel crew member. The reason is because you already have sales skills. If you have been a direct seller of magazines, travel or any other door to door program and you have been successful, you can make it as part of a traveling crew.

If you are bright, sharp and clean cut there are thousands of travel jobs for you to choose from. The person who makes the best direct selling travel agent will be someone who has a passion for life and wants to see the world. You must like to travel a lot to get the best benefit from these types of jobs because you will be gone more often than staying at home. If you go to you can see what people are already doing and how you can get involved.

How Do Travel Agents Crews Work?
Travel crews go out in different environments and meet many different people. They have a product to sell so during the day they sell and at night they have fun. Often you will find that there will be group events to keep you going and to keep up the morale within the group. This is a great opportunity for people who enjoy working with other people.

As a direct sales agent you can set your own limits and you will see the world a lot faster than someone who doesn't like to travel. When you have the opportunity to travel you will also understand cultures better and how to get along with a lot of different types of people. You will also learn about different foods and how different people relate to the world.

Believe it or not these types of experiences will help you learn to live with passion and you will have the money to live in the way that you want to live.

Travel jobs look for people who are hungry for something better in their lives. They want people who want to create a career instead of a job and they want someone who is up to a lot of travel. This is also for someone who doesn't mind living out of their suitcase for weeks at a time.

Can you imagine? This is one of the ways that you can buy that new car or those new clothes that you like. It can give you a way to afford these things if you are hungry enough to go after it.

United Subscription Agency is one of the places to check out if you are interested in getting into a travel job. They are very particular about the type of people they choose because they only want the best and the brightest talent.

If you are looking for a job doesn’t it make sense to do something you love instead of something you hate? Then get started today by calling 800-537-7256. Christie will interview you to see if you have what it takes to get into a travel job now.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome to the 21st century, now go home!

Hello to all, Welcome to the 21st century, now go home!
Well here we are the 21st NFSA meeting! Almost 21 years ago, September 1987, I answered an ad while couch surfing in Oxnard, CA. I went to a hotel, not a nice one, filed out an application and got a job. Not only a job, but a traveling job! Not only a traveling job, but a career. John Forbes was running the ad for Mike Sands and we drove to Anaheim, CA, where Mac Halls crew was there. There must have been 80 people in the hotel. I was amazed, dumb founded that so many people all ready knew something I didn’t. I didn’t know anything about the traveling magazine agent, I didn’t know about the NFSA. I didn’t care. I had a Job and I was 18! I had no way of just going on the internet, to find out anything. I didn’t care. I was an agent and that was cool with me. Later I became a working car handler. Later I became a manager. Later I became a company owner. I still didn’t care! I was making more money than I had ever dreamed. Somebody and few other somebody’s told me about the NFSA. I still didn’t care! What have they ever done for me, right? I was making money! Why should I care? I didn’t trust the guys on the NFSA board. Another 16 years went by, I still didn’t care. I was making money just doing my own thing. What did I care all you guys and gals didn’t do anything for me and I didn’t even care to talk to you. The NFSA never did anything for me. I was making money and that’s all that mattered. The NFSA never fought my battles, right.

That was a long time ago. We have watched a new world evolve around us. We have cell phones, lap tops, web sites, email and, the internet the worst, gift to the Traveling Sales Industry. The world got a lot smaller overnight. I still didn’t care, because I didn’t understand. I didn’t have a crystal ball I couldn’t see the future. Some of you are feeling the same way. Some of you are going to give up. Hey, what do you care, you have one leg in and one leg out. Some of you just need to give up and maybe get a nice web page on (aka Sound harsh, right.

Sandy Hall and Don Ficsh convinced me I should become a member. They showed me what we can do in numbers, they opened my eyes. They told me I could make an impact on the industry that I have grown to love. I met great people like Dan Smith, Ellen Buckly, Nathan Edwards, Don Scott and many others. People I had only heard of. I got to re-know people I already knew like Vinni Pitts, Bob Cecile, Karen Roberts, Dawn Russo, all great people and many others. I got to see what was going on in the industry. I was able to learn from people like you reading this. I was inspired to learn more about myself. It’s really a shame that it took so long. Maybe I could have been a stronger leader had I only took a minute understand that this Industry, the Traveling Sales Industry, was a lot bigger than me.

So many over the years have created such a conflict for themselves. They just continue to find the escape goat, so they can say “see there, that’s reason I not going to the next NFSA meeting” or “they didn’t like my actions so I’m going to resign, I’m going to show them!” Your not going to show anybody nothing, your going to be just like me, didn’t care, I’m making money. Your going to sit there and put an end to a great era. You’re the one who is going to put an end to a great association so that you can prove to everybody you were right!

Get smart people, you mean nothing to the world weather your in business or out of business. Some bad people want you out of business. Your helping them, help you out of business. The only voice in this Industry you have, your going riddle it full of holes, just so you can say “see I told you so” What a pitiful attitude. United we stand, divided we fall……… you know the rest of the story.

Just some thoughts for you…………………..Welcome to the 21st century, now go home!

Or maybe I will see you at the next NFSA meeting or not it’s your choice.

Have Fun,
Charlie Key

PS don’t like my comments, email me prove me wrong. If do you understand what I’m saying bring somebody and still prove me wrong.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First of all I want to say what a great company to work for, United Subscription Agency or also known as has got to the best. I've had the privilege of seeing how other companies like this, that sell magazine's do there business. What a relief to have a company that sets the standards like United Subscription Agency.

After doing substantial research this company, I found it has a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate. That's amazing. Also United Subscription Agency not only supplies customer service but by far the easiest to reach.

Just one more time Good Job United Subscription Agency! To the team at keep it up. To the team at keep it up. Also to all the teams at United Subscription Agency, MyTravelJob, New Generation #001, New Edition #003, Team USA #009, Momenton Sales #010, Glamorous Sales #014, Summit Sales #015, Regulator Sales #016 keep growing.

Have Fun,
A Great full Agent 09/26/2007